Wazzas Tank Cleaning

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We leave your water tanks in pristine condition

Wazza's Tank Cleaning

Over time your water tanks can become contaminated from a variety of sources - Bird and animal droppings, vegetable matter from plants and trees nearby, or dust and sediment build up from the atmosphere.

Wazza's Tank Cleaning has developed safe and efficient methods to vacuum and pressure wash your water tanks leaving them free of rubbish and nasty bugs.

Don't risk doing it yourself, call in Wazza and the team with their specialised equipment and know-how.

Specialised Equipment

Cleaning out water tanks is a messy and risky task.

Our trucks are specially equiped and our staff are trained to clean your water tanks safely and efficiently.


We are a family run business based in South Western regional Victoria - Which makes us ideally placed to meet both your water cartage, and water tank cleaning needs in Geelong, Ballarat, Colac and surrounding areas.